Upon arriving on Nantucket, 
you immediately feel a sense of peace and a time gone by. 
For many, the Island latches onto your heart and 
gives you a home you never knew you needed. 

Having come to Nantucket since my early teens, raising my children on its bike paths, 
and living here for the past twelve years, I often use my love of the Island as an inspiration for my art.

I've always enjoyed seeing how others express their devotion to the Island.  
In the summer of 2004, I started noticing how many people do this in the form of a vanity license plate. 
Whether from local Massachusetts and nearby New England and New York states or from far away 
Colorado and even Hawaii, each plate has a special message.
Sometimes its a favorite place (e.g., COATUE) or pastime (e.g., FISHN-2). Other times it's a famed Nantucket 
event (e.g., FIGAWI) or endearing Island characteristic (e.g., FOGDIN). The creativity and multiple meanings are fun to dig into and provide sweet reminders of all that makes Nantucket a special place.  The FAA three letter code for the Nantucket Memorial Airport is "ACK" and has come to be a convenient shorthand for Nantucket Island. It's particularly prevalent on plates such as an old red Jeep that sports ACKRED, and even our own family hauler and beach truck with the plate ARKACK.

Over the course of seven years I collected over 250 "ACK" license plate images, designed my fabric and started the production 
of Tricia Deck license plate bags.  I wanted bags that would be stylish, yet light and durable, and able to stand up to 
sandy beaches and ocean air. It took nearly two years to find a production process that would capture
the real look of the plates and provide the durability I wanted. 
In the Summer of 2011 I was able to bring  my first collection of license plate bags to the Island.

I hope that Tricia Deck license plate bags will give visitors and residents a little piece of the Island 
that they can take with them to remind them of the home that will always be in their hearts.
Contact me if you'd like to know more about how to GETACK.